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Grace Towing and

Recovery, LLC

We Keep Your Vehicle Moving

Who We Are

Grace Towing and Recovery, LLC in Montgomery Village, Maryland is a newly established towing company founded in 2018. We are a humble, family-owned and -operated business looking forward to serving our community.

The Team 

Our fleet of trucks is managed by Michael, while office and dispatch duties are handled by his wife, Mercedes. Our drivers are close friends and colleagues that we’ve made over the years in this industry. We know and trust each other because of the bonds we’ve built. This trust and vision of exceptional service are passed on to you, our customer.

Our Mission

Very simply put, our mission is to change the perception of others toward the workers in the towing and roadside assistance industry. Let’s be honest; when you think of incidents you’ve had with people in the towing business, it’s not always a great experience.

We’ve heard stories about rude customer service or inadequate assistance. Grace Towing and Recovery, LLC is committed to changing that belief. We want you to feel cared for and comfortable with the emergency services that we provide.

Services Offered